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Data driven privacy solutions

We believe data protection is only truly effective when demonstrated through audits. Large organisations rely heavily on interview-based assessments and spot checks, which increase awareness but do not test data protection in practice. Audits should be automated so experts can focus on resolving actual threats rather than collecting sparse data and seeking unverifiable commitments from internal stakeholders.

Our team


We are technical founders who share a passion for data protection and product development. We combine years of experience in both areas, which is another way of saying we are getting older ;-)

Thomas Ghys


Founder Datawise & privacy consultant

Maarten Jansen


Co-founder Dashdot & CEO

Dries Vandermeulen


Co-founder Dashdot & CTO

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Our philosophy is simple — to work great as a team every employee needs to be able to do their own thing, be comfortable and grow with our company. We prefer deep work over meetings. We prototype code rather than crafting mockups. Facts always trump opinions no matter your seniority. We choose independent ownership over management by committee. We prefer any desk you feel comfortable over fixed days at the office. We know great work can be done within 8 hours per day.

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Webclew puts your mind at ease and monitors that your websites stay fully compliant with your privacy policy and consent regulations.

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